The Great Reset & the Plan to Cancel Trump

Michael J. Matt discusses the globalist plan to destabilize the United States, in an attempt to reset the country to achieve progressive goals.

Skip to: 00:53The vast majority of Covid 19 patients fully recover
Covid 19 is a politicized virus.

Skip to: 04:10In Davos, Switzerland, the leaders are admitting the Covid hoax is for a “greater purpose”
Skip to: 09:44The war on hydroxychloroquine
Skip to: 11:04Joe Biden is part of the New World Order plans
Skip to: 14:55The Great Reset aims to bring in Socialism and Communism
A global takeover is only possible if the United States is involved.

Skip to: 18:13Everyone is in, except President Trump
Skip to: 20:15The Vatican is trying to gain control
President Trump declared war on globalism and the corona virus was unleashed immediately following.

Charlie Kirk and The Federalist

Sr. Editor of the ‘Federalist’ and former Editor-In-Chief of the ‘Daily Caller News Foundation,’ Chris Bedford has a sit-down with one of today’s strongest Conservative voices in Charlie Kirk.

Skip to: 01:42This Marxist movement is against the country they’re trying to take over.
Skip to: 08:36The reason the silent majority is silent is because they’re being silenced.
Skip to: 12:30Has the Conservative movement prioritized corporate America over people?
Skip to: 15:30Are Walmart and Apple beholden to the enemy?
Skip to: 22:12Joe Biden says his first duty will be to dreamers.
Skip to: 25:20Donald Trump is the beginning of a trend to revolt against the elites.
Skip to: 31:46What is going to happen this November?

Adam and Ted Cruz on Politics Today

Adam Carolla and Ted Cruz discuss the hypocrisy of politics today and why the current system keeps failing.

Skip to: 03:50What is happening?
Adam asks Ted to give his take on what is happening in the country right now?

Skip to: 10:00Does Communism work anywhere?
Ted explains how his father was tortured as a teenager in Cuba and the implications of Socialism and Communism.

Skip to: 17:45Why hasn’t California implemented Socialized medicine?
California has a Democratic Governor and Democratic super majorities in both legislatures. Republicans could not stop socialized medicine there. What’s the problem?

Skip to: 39:42Who decided what oppression is?
Is the left trying to decide what free speech is?

Skip to: 58:09The left is wanting to control free speech.
Ted Cruz talks about YouTube, Nike and Goya foods.

Skip to: 01:16:45Ted Cruz explains how he beat Jimmy Kimmel in basketball.
Skip to: 01:35:27Silencing others is a sign of weakness.
If the left would listen to what is being said, they might well understand it.

Blunt Force Truth Header

Laws Matter

Mark Young hosts and touches on a myriad of different topics including defunding the police, the BLM political power grab, a cashless society and the dangers of city councils.

Skip to: 03:00Where is BLM in Chicago?
Kids are being murdered on a daily basis in Chicago. Why doesn’t Black Lives Matter care?

Skip to: 11:00What is qualified immunity?
Should the police be personally responsible for their on duty actions? Should we have police unions? Why are the Democrat governed cities the only cities having a police problem?

Skip to: 32:27Should people been arming themselves?
The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to keep and bear arms but have you asked yourself this very important question first?

Skip to: 43:30Will Joe Biden be the Democrat candidate in 2020?
If Joe is the pick, who will be his Vice President?

Skip to: 47:27Are we headed toward a cashless society?
Skip to: 53:00Is BLM a political party?
Will Black Lives Matter start their own political party? Are they a part of the Democratic Party?

Skip to: 01:00:24Will there be a round 2 of the virus?
Will an effective virus actually be developed for the Covid virus?