Charlie Kirk and The Federalist

Sr. Editor of the ‘Federalist’ and former Editor-In-Chief of the ‘Daily Caller News Foundation,’ Chris Bedford has a sit-down with one of today’s strongest Conservative voices in Charlie Kirk.

Skip to: 01:42This Marxist movement is against the country they’re trying to take over.
Skip to: 08:36The reason the silent majority is silent is because they’re being silenced.
Skip to: 12:30Has the Conservative movement prioritized corporate America over people?
Skip to: 15:30Are Walmart and Apple beholden to the enemy?
Skip to: 22:12Joe Biden says his first duty will be to dreamers.
Skip to: 25:20Donald Trump is the beginning of a trend to revolt against the elites.
Skip to: 31:46What is going to happen this November?
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