The Great Reset & the Plan to Cancel Trump

Michael J. Matt discusses the globalist plan to destabilize the United States, in an attempt to reset the country to achieve progressive goals.

Skip to: 00:53The vast majority of Covid 19 patients fully recover
Covid 19 is a politicized virus.

Skip to: 04:10In Davos, Switzerland, the leaders are admitting the Covid hoax is for a “greater purpose”
Skip to: 09:44The war on hydroxychloroquine
Skip to: 11:04Joe Biden is part of the New World Order plans
Skip to: 14:55The Great Reset aims to bring in Socialism and Communism
A global takeover is only possible if the United States is involved.

Skip to: 18:13Everyone is in, except President Trump
Skip to: 20:15The Vatican is trying to gain control
President Trump declared war on globalism and the corona virus was unleashed immediately following.

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