Adam and Ted Cruz on Politics Today

Adam Carolla and Ted Cruz discuss the hypocrisy of politics today and why the current system keeps failing.

Skip to: 03:50What is happening?
Adam asks Ted to give his take on what is happening in the country right now?

Skip to: 10:00Does Communism work anywhere?
Ted explains how his father was tortured as a teenager in Cuba and the implications of Socialism and Communism.

Skip to: 17:45Why hasn’t California implemented Socialized medicine?
California has a Democratic Governor and Democratic super majorities in both legislatures. Republicans could not stop socialized medicine there. What’s the problem?

Skip to: 39:42Who decided what oppression is?
Is the left trying to decide what free speech is?

Skip to: 58:09The left is wanting to control free speech.
Ted Cruz talks about YouTube, Nike and Goya foods.

Skip to: 01:16:45Ted Cruz explains how he beat Jimmy Kimmel in basketball.
Skip to: 01:35:27Silencing others is a sign of weakness.
If the left would listen to what is being said, they might well understand it.