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Laws Matter

Mark Young hosts and touches on a myriad of different topics including defunding the police, the BLM political power grab, a cashless society and the dangers of city councils.

Skip to: 03:00Where is BLM in Chicago?
Kids are being murdered on a daily basis in Chicago. Why doesn’t Black Lives Matter care?

Skip to: 11:00What is qualified immunity?
Should the police be personally responsible for their on duty actions? Should we have police unions? Why are the Democrat governed cities the only cities having a police problem?

Skip to: 32:27Should people been arming themselves?
The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to keep and bear arms but have you asked yourself this very important question first?

Skip to: 43:30Will Joe Biden be the Democrat candidate in 2020?
If Joe is the pick, who will be his Vice President?

Skip to: 47:27Are we headed toward a cashless society?
Skip to: 53:00Is BLM a political party?
Will Black Lives Matter start their own political party? Are they a part of the Democratic Party?

Skip to: 01:00:24Will there be a round 2 of the virus?
Will an effective virus actually be developed for the Covid virus?